Fishers Green SC results



Sunday Racing 2016
Series Racing   Club Championship
Series From


  Event Date
Winter 2015/6 15th November 2015 28th February 2016   Les Fry Bowl
27th March
Spring Series 13th March 29th May   Kingfisher Cup 22nd May
Spring Handicap 13th March 29th May   RNLI 12th June
Summer AM 5th June 21st August   Jack Mead Trophy 4th September
Summer PM 5th June 21st August   Autumn Championship 22nd October
Autumn 28th August 30th October      
Robin 28th August 30th October   Club Championship Aggregate of above
Winter 2016/7 13th November 26th February 2017      
  Other Events  
    Event   Date  
    Rosebowl Pursuit   6th March  
    Easter Challenge   27th March  
    Icicle   3rd January 2016