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TOPIC: Rules roundup - extra

Rules roundup - extra 9 months 1 week ago #136

  • Bill Brockbank
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This followed on surprisingly quickly from my last note on the same subject.
Inside the zone can an outside, overlapped leeward boat luff?
Mainly not. From the moment the first boat enters the zone the outside boat L must allow the inside overlapped boat W mark-room to round 'in a seamanlike manner'. Luffing them then having to bear away breaks that rule.
There are minor exceptions where a luff is permitted.
In gaining their positions L ends up below a sensible course. (Note, not her proper course) She can luff up as far as still allows W mark-room (and W must respond if she needs to) but not further.
Having been allowed mark-room W continues past the mark yet is still in the zone. Even though they are still in the zone the room W needed has been fulfilled and so expires. L can luff W (who is now simply a windward boat) subject to the normal constraints.

For the purposes of overlaps and the zone, which bits of a boat count?
This is, for good reason, complex. And 999 times in 1,000 you won't need it. Sailing isn't a micrometer sport.
Nevertheless, here goes.
If any part of your boat in its normal position overlaps the rudder of another, you are overlapped. For overlaps both boats are as long as their hull plus bowsprit if used and rudder.
Measuring and entering the (mark) zone, only the hull counts. This sidesteps the need to measure a swept rudder, or a lifting rudder sailing in weed.
If starting any part of the boat counts, in its normal position or not. When finishing only the equipment in its normal position counts.
The extra 'normal position' wording for finishes stops you letting your spinnaker loose approaching the finish or extending your bowsprit upwind.
The difficulty in proving marginal overlaps is well treated in the (last remaining) onus of proof wording. If you were overlapped you remain so until the opposite is proved. And if you weren't, you remain so until the opposite is proved.
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