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Major changes will supersede an earlier version(s) to let you see which approaches have been overwritten and why.


Both dates will change, and be posted, if substantive changes are agreed.


Voting is the responsibility of the sailing committee whose members will welcome discussion and ideas. 


SI draft change
Rule 42 infringements and penalties: Introduction.
The only legitimate options currently available after breaking rule 42 (propulsion) are retirement or disqualification.
We want to experiment with a lesser penalty when guilt is admitted, which allows the boat to continue racing yet retains the principle that 42 breaches are more serious than those in Part 2 (when boats meet), where turns are allowed. Crime vs misdemeanour, if you like.
We also want to make protesting rule 42 infringements more user friendly. Almost nobody protests, a reflection of the twin difficulties of a draconian punishment and how hard it is to obtain a conviction. Funnily enough the rules, being silent on onus of proof, are probably more flexible than we all think they are. 

Timeline for agreement.
Suggested changes by end Sat 13th August. Tweaks may be included 'on the fly', agreed substantive changes may cause a redraft and a new discussion period and associated deadline.
Voting takes place after the final draft, with a 2 week deadline. Usual reminder, during voting 'silence is acceptance'
Voting is the task of the sailing committee, but ideas are welcome from everyone.

The draft SI
This rule applies to club racing only. It doesn't apply during our Open Meetings
A boat admitting breaking rule 42 once in any race may retire promptly or choose to take a RRS 44.3 scoring penalty. The penalty will be 3 places or 25% of the race entries (decimals rounded up) whichever is the greater. The penalty applies even if the result is then 'worse than last', this changes the second sentence of rule 44.3(c)
A boat infringing more than once in the same race shall retire.
A boat admitting fault on water then failing to follow through ashore is subject to a rule 69, Gross Misconduct charge.
In any rule 42 hearing the committee need only reach a 'comfortable satisfaction' as to the facts found. This means, among other things, that prior rule 42 behaviour by the crew - both good and bad - can weight the PC’s view when any evidence is disputed.