Fishers Green SC Merlins

What is a Merlin Rocket?


Modern Merlin Rockets are very wide compared to other classes, giving maximum righting moment when hiking, without needing a trapeze. The earlier hull shapes were much narrower, when river sailing was a priority. The Merlin Rocket is one of the few classes to stick with clinker construction (wood or plastic), making very beautiful boats. 

Mainsail shapes are very distinctive, with a long top batten giving extra area high up.
The rules allow for different sail plans but most new boats since the early 1990s have opted for what has become more or less a class 'standard'.

A large symmetric spinnaker gives exciting reaches, and allows running too - an important consideration on restricted water where asymmetrics cannot operate effectively. 


Merlin Rockets at FGSC



At present the Merlin Rockets at FGSC participate in handicap races and at Open Meetings elsewhere. With older second-hand boats remaining competitive on inland waters, Merlin Rockets are an interesting choice for varied adults, who wish to try their hand at thoroughbred double-handed sailing with a spinnaker.



Key Figures


  • Ideal crew weight: 20 - 28 stone combined
  • Portsmouth Yardstick handicap: 1000/variable age allowance
  • Hull weight: 98kg
  • Length 14ft, width 7ft 2in Max