FGSC HANDICAPS (2018 SEASON - Effective 12 November 2017)

Fishers Green Sailing Club uses the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap System for club handicap races. “The handicap is derrived from data collected nationwide, but the published number may not suit the local conditions of individual clubs”. We make local adjustments using the exact same method but use our own race data for such adjustments as they more accurately reflect the prevailing conditions. In the case of development and restricted classes, new boats become superior but the old boats remain the same and a historic PY number may need to be used to provide fairer racing for diverse classes. In such cases we use the published numbers by the respective class associations and make local adjustments as we collect enough race data.

The following classes are commonly sailed as FGSC and the numbers below have been agreed by the Sailing Committee. If a class is not listed below it will initially use the number listed in the current RYA national list. In the event the class (or configuration) is not listed, it shall be assigned a number based on historic information if available, in agreement with the Sailing Committee.

Ablacore 1041 Merlin Rocket Classic (sail no. 1-3499) 1035
Cadet 1428 Merlin Rocket Current (sail no. 3500-on) 999
Comet 1204 National 12 1104
Comet Versa (Duo/Spin) 1165 Optimist 1665
Europe 1145 Phantom Old (sail no. 1-1099) 1047
Finn 1045 Phantom Current (sail no. 1100-on) 999
Fireball 970 RS Aero 7 1071
GP 14 (no Spin) 1133 RS 200 1047
Lark 1070 RS 200 without Spinnaker 1090
Laser 1097 RS 400 960
Laser Radial 1139 Solo 1143
Laser 4.7 1200 Tasar 1015
Laser 2000 1107 Topper 1347
Lightning 368 1170 Wayfarer 1102
Xenon 1070 Wineglass 1097