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TOPIC: Open Protest Outcome No 1

Open Protest Outcome No 1 2 years 4 weeks ago #111

  • Richard Piper
  • Richard Piper's Avatar
Can I make it a threesome?

I think that some members are still having problems getting on the site because their browsers are auto writing the old...


rather than excepting the web address without the /fgsc/ bit on the end.

Interesting write-up on the open protest Bill. Let's hope it's the start of members looking at protests in a different light.
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Open Protest Outcome No 1 2 years 4 weeks ago #110

  • Jon Steward
  • Jon Steward's Avatar
Firstly. Welcome back to the forum Bill, which I think makes two of us!
Thanks for the info on spinning before the start. I've often seen and been involved in the odd bump before the start.
PS any good beer deals at ALDI at the mo.


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Open Protest Outcome No 1 2 years 1 month ago #109

  • Bill Brockbank
  • Bill Brockbank's Avatar
  • Solo 4287
Interesting cases will be posted so that everyone gains from them

An invalid protest was made against a boat for not doing turns or not doing them correctly.
The Open Hearing format allows a hearing in 'what if the protest had been heard' mode. There is then no compulsion on anyone to retire (although they might wish to).

Facts found. A boat admitted fault in a pre-start incident, doing her turns before the start signal.
Some of the boats didn't see the turns, and grumbled. When none protested (the most common reason for a protest being ruled invalid is the aggrieved boat forgetting to shout "Protest") another boat did so. That protest was invalid since she hadn't seen the incident and wasn't involved.
One sailor and the start boat later confirmed that they had seen the guilty boat do turns, albeit before the start signal.

Rules applicable. The rules used to require turns be taken after the start signal, they no longer do.
The spinning boat exonerated correctly. She broke a rule (the original bump) then exonerated correctly.
Had a valid protest been lodged it would have been dismissed

The myth that turns must be done 'before the next mark' persists. The rule requires the boat to immediately sail clear, then do turn or turns.
It's a courtesy to shout 'spinning', often with an arm wave. This stops your opponent(s) from fretting that they have to watch you, and maybe than protest.
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