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TOPIC: Newbie interested in going racing

Newbie interested in going racing 3 months 3 weeks ago #183

  • Nick
  • Nick's Avatar
The 3 boat lengths refers to the boat that reached the "zone" first: so if an Optimist is ahead of a 505, the zone is 3 Optimist lengths. I am not 100% sure if these rules extend to windsurfing too, but I imagine they do
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Newbie interested in going racing 4 months 1 week ago #182

  • Bill Nokes
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Hi Matt,

I believe the event is run with the London Windsurfing Association - www.lwawindsurfing.co.uk

I'm not sure we have many wind surfers at the club and I understand the rules might be different to sailing. Your best bet is probably to contact the LWA for advice. I hope they'll be able to tell you more about the race and perhaps give you some pointers about racing itself.

Hope this helps,
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Newbie interested in going racing 4 months 1 week ago #181

  • Matt Stolton
  • Matt Stolton's Avatar
What oh!

After my success (!?!) yesterday in doing 3 complete circuits 1-12, and missing the "marks maintenance boat", despite their best attempts to distract me, I am starting to gain some confidence in my ability to follow a course!


I note that the all new shiny Sailing Club Programme 2017, mentions a "Windsurfer Open" on Saturday 22nd April.

I have never raced before, and am pretty green when it comes to what is involved. I have been online and refreshed on rights of ways, basic common rules, the basics if you will, but I am realising I am hopeless due to lack or real experience. For example I can't seem to find the definition of the "zone" around a mark as anything other than three hull lengths, but hull lengths vary, so is there such a thing as a standard hull length?

What is the best way to swot up, so I don't, firstly, embarrass myself in a race, and secondly, don't affect the race outcome for others? I don't expect to be overly competitive, and I would feel rather guilty if my inexperience caused someone else with a genuine reason to be there, to loose points in a race, effecting their season!

How do I go about entering the event on the 22nd April, and what preparations should I be doing to get myself to a level where I don't cause a pile up on the start line?

Any advice would be welcome.
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