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 Hello everyone and a very warm welcome from The Fishers Green SC 273rd Cadet Squadron.


The Cadet Dinghy

The Cadet is known as a one-design boat and therefore all Cadets have the same measurements , it was purposely designed to be too small for an adult to sail but with all the attributes of a racing dinghy, including a spinnaker , this makes it a perfect introduction for children between the ages of 8 as crew and 17 as a helm.  Its a fun boat to sail and helps children to develop a wide range of skills.

For more information on the Cadet Class please visit , or


Squadron Captain

Hello I am Roberto mancini the Cadet Squadron Captain and the first thing I would like to say is a very big thank you to everyone that has help with the Cadet Class at Fishers Green .

As usual, the weather has been playing havoc with the start to the Cadet Season. However the Cadets in their usual determined fashion have sailed through the good and the bad.

At home we are trying to grow the fleet in terms of both numbers and skill. If you know a young person who would love to learn to sail or race why not bring them along? I think we have many grandparents out there- why not bring your grandchildren to Saturday Cadet Sailing  Christian Hill and Graham Webb , our super Cadet Coaches, run most of the Saturday coaching sessions and would love to see you. Saturday afternoon usually involves racing and skills practice this is the main focus of our ‘home’ fleet.

It would be great to see many more young sailors sailing and racing on a Saturday , in a Cadet , and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. It’s possible to bring the kids along and race yourself on a Saturday, if they are in a Cadet.

For the kind of things the Cadets get upto at FGSC please see the news below , these are just examples , we did similar events in 2018 .

Roberto Mancini 

Cadet Squadron Captain




Saturday 12th  February 2017

Well after the flat calm of the weekend before, we arrived at the ‘Green’ to be blessed with a nice northerly force 2, ideal for our training, apart from it being 2 degrees which felt like minus 20 in the wind chill.But having said that 2 teams took to the water, Rishi/Arthur and Matteo/Gabe, with snow falling we decided we would only do a morning session, to blow the winter cobwebs away.

So what did we learn this week, here are  some videos we took, I promise as the kids improve their sailing I will improve my videoing!! I hope)

1, Our kids are tough, the conditions were Baltic and they gave it a go.

2, It’s colder on the rescue boat!

3, It wasn't the ideal weather to capsize in Rishi/Arthur !

4, No matter the conditions we must stay positive in our movements and thoughts so we can stay warm, the less we move the colder we get, the colder we get the less we want to move and so the cycle goes around, but saying that I don't want sailors jumping about unnecessarily knocking the wind out of the sail and disrupting the flow of the boat, in between races and especially on or just before the 5 minute gun, a good burst of movement to get the blood flowing and the brain working is all good.

This Saturday the forecast looks a lot better with a nice breeze and the temperature up a bit, the plan is to be on the water for 10:30 am and to get our heads back in race mode. Graham should be with us again, please quiz him as much as possible he will make you sail faster.

So please as ever let us know if you’re planning to sail so I can get teams sorted before Saturday, 

(It saves so much time if we can say right "you and you are sailing together get your boat rigged and let’s go!!)

Parents always welcome to help out in any shape or form.

Christian and Roberto.

2016 a Fun Packed Eventfull Year

2016 has really been a year of transition for the cadets at FGSC, with our older and more experience sailors moving onto 420’s and Lasers, and doing very well I can tell you from personal experience with Arron Chadwick showing us how it’s done at the Bloody Mary.

So this meant we had a very young inexperienced fleet at the “Green” apart from Claudia and Louis more about them later! I have found Cadet fleets move in cycles they start young they become good, get bigger and uglier in most cases, then move onto other classes, then the younger ones have to step up to the plate.

Which I believe our younger ones have, So if we look back to 12 months ago I would look around our lake and see more often than not Matteo/Gabe upside down, Rishi/Arthur attempting to fly the kite as they are hurtling towards the bank out of control, Josh sitting head to wind with that look of “what is happening here?”, and other crews and helms hanging on for dear life.

Twelve months on and Matteo/Gabe spent a week on the river at Waldringfield without one capsize and fly the kite no problem, all of our regular Cadet sailors took part in the Cadet Inlands , at Grafham Water SC, which is a top event, sailed in strong breeze (not sure if I would have gone out) with Rish/Arthur just finished outside the top 10 and Claudia/Matteo and Gabe also doing a fantastic job representing the ‘Green’, Josh has been snapped up to crew a Merlin for our superb Wednesday evening series. Our two unsung heroes in Claudia and Louis who have taken out more new sailors than anyone else, have moved into Lasers but they have left a great impression on our young Cadet fleet, and if you want to find them you will have to look at the front of our Saturday club races because that is where they will be.

We have had birthday cake on Race Island (but if you want cake you must sail there!) 

We maybe small and not perfectly formed but if our young sailors show the commitment of those who sailed this year, massive improvements will be made in there sailing skills. So if you want to get involved please pop in on a Saturday and see what it is all about.

So looking towards 2017 we plan more sailing development as we have some up and coming helms, and some fun stuff like a raft race, paddle race a cadet camp over.

The Cadet fleet will only be as good as the effort we put in, so we are always on the look out for more sailors more volunteers, it most certainly the more you put in the more you will get out. So please come and find us we are a friendly bunch and welcome to new ideas .


22nd to 26th August.

2016 National Championships.The event was held from the 22nd to 26th August at the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy. This was an Open Entry Event and any International Cadet sailors were welcome to enter the event.One boat from FGSC entered , GBR 9390 Rishi Goswami Arthur Baker , who finished a very credible 36th out of 51 boats , well done guys.


13th August 2016 - Waldringfield Cadet Week 2016

We had a great week at the Waldringfield Cadet Week, with eleven races over five days from 13 to 17 August and three fleets (Cadet Gold and Silver and Laser Radial). I now see why ex-cadets and their parents alike speak so fondly of the event – it has great sailing, a hospitable host club, a picturesque pub right on the water's edge, plenty of space to camp with club facilities close at hand, and seems blessed with good weather.

The sun shone pretty much all week and the sailors enjoyed good conditions – F2-3 at the start of the week building over the last two days. Day 2 (Sunday) was a bit flat but surely eight hours drifting on the River Deben is character building; and those abandoned races are great practice. 

The quality of sailing was fantastic with stiff competition for the Cadets; five of the boats will represent GBR at the 50th Cadet World Championships in Argentina in December and strong tides added to the mix. From Fishers Green, Rishi Goswani and Arthur Baker sailed consistently in the Gold Fleet to finish 21 out of 24 but placing 17th on average through the week. Matteo and Gabe came in fifth out of nine boats taking third place in the first two races (they competed over fewer races as the Silver Fleet enjoyed two days of training and coached racing before joining the main races).

In the Laser Radials, Fishers Green dominated the top five positions. Louis Lappage fought it out at the top of the fleet to take second place. Claudia Mancini also brought home silverware at her first Laser Radial event (for top-placed girl). Josh Mills gets a special mention for having only started sailing this year and already enjoying open races – he really has thrown himself in at the deep end.

In the 'novelty' races, Christian Hill did the club proud in the Old Cadets Race. It took about a second to persuade him and, after a horrendous start, he fought back to third place. But what about that start? In the Crew's Race, Arthur took the helm with Rishi crewing on a narrow course strewn with moored boats and against a strong tide. Arthur remained remarkably calm, avoiding several attempted collisions; Rishi less so.

Finally, the week wouldn't have been the same without our fantastic campsite and the efforts of Genevieve and Peter  (I think we know that means Genevieve) – from bacon and egg sandwiches in the morning to three course meals in the evening with veggie options (Hannah Baker did have to push for the third course, but Genevieve was happy to oblige).

Here's looking forward to next year.






9th July 2016 - Fishers Green Cadet Open Meeting


Ten Cadets took part in the Exe Sails and Volvo Cars East London sponsored, Fishers Green SC Open meeting, on the 9thof July. With a good mixture of local and visiting boats, everybody had the opportunity to sample lovely breakfast rolls with a selection of fillings, bacon, egg and sausage, from the galley, ably prepared by Genevieve Lappage.


The Commodore, Kevin O’Brien welcomed everybody, and handed over to the race officer, Colin Hill, who carried out the briefing to all competitors.
On the water the competitors and race officer were greeted to a difficult, shifting and challenging wind that encompassed gusts of up to F5. However a fantastic course was set and the 1
strace got underway, with the majority of boats giving each other a wide berth. The three visiting boats took the lead with 8845 Megan Ferguson and  Yasmin Sfaxi having a dominant lead over  the chasing pack and completing their 1stwin, leading, 8852, Hazel Whittle and Charlotte Leigh, followed by, 9576, Lia Fletcher and Olivia Goland.
The second race, with a new course, was soon underway with the conditions not improving, and these proved to be very challenging for some. The lead boat, 8845, Megan and Yasmin, again followed by, 8852, Hazel and Charlotte, both using their spinnakers to full effect, were chased by local boat, 7686 , Claudia Mancini and Daisy Robinson, and they finished in that order after a combined time for both races of about 1hour 40 mins.


A delicious lunch prepared by Genevieve Lappage and Jane O’Brien, was gratefully devoured by competitors, organisers and helpers alike, after which many spent time admiring  the brand new Volvo XC90, being displayed by the, second  sponsor, Volvo Cars East London.
(Let’s not forget the home made cakes for desert!)


After lunch another fine course was set by our race officer Colin, this took advantage of the slightly abating gusts.
Again 8845 took the lead followed by 8852, but this time, 9576, Lia Fletcher and Olivia Goland, were hot on their heels taking 2ndplace for the 2ndlap, but were overtaken on the last lap and the finishing order was as per race 1 for the top 3. A fine battle was underway further down the field between 7686, Claudia and Daisy, and, 9005, Louis Lappage and Hanna Baker, which went right down to the wire, with 9005 finishing 4thjust ahead.


The 4thand last race was a shorter course , which may explain the slight confusion by some competitors to the first mark, however this resulted in at least two fine battles one for 1stplace , between 8845 and 7686 , and 3rdplace between 8852 and 9576 . The leaders however were not caught, 1stwere again 8845 Megan Ferguson and Yasmin Sfaxi, 2nd7686, Claudia Mancini and Daisy Robinson, with 3rdbeing won by, 9576, Lia Fletcher and Olivia Goland. 


Prize giving was presented by Kevin O’Brien, 1
st place, and winning a brand new spinnaker from Exe Sails, were Megan Ferguson and Yasmin Sfaxi, from Frensham Pond SC. 2nd place, winning a kit bag, were, Hazel Whittle and Charlotte Leigh, from Waldringfield SC,  3rd were local boat, Claudia Mancini and Daisy Robinson, winning another kit bag. These prizes were all provided by EXE sails, with Trophies and Medals being awarded by FGSC with help from Volvo Cars East London.
After the prize giving all competitors tucked into a fab, ‘Cadet Tea‘ with lots of homemade cakes and treats, thanks goes to Genevieve for these. The afternoon was finished off with a raffle with some great prizes.


Our thanks goes to everybody who took part in making the day a success, the volunteers, organisers, sponsors, parents and all the competitors.