Sunday Racing 2012



Sunday Racing 2012
Series Racing   Club Championship
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  Event Date
Cobweb 5th Feb 18th March   Les Fry Bowl 1st April
Spider 5th feb 18th March      
Spring 15th April 3rd June   Kingfisher Cup 27th May
Tern 15th April 3rd June      
Summer 17th June 16th August   RNLI 10th June
Swallow 17th June 16th August      
Kingfisher 17th June 16th August   Jack Mead Trophy 2nd September
Autumn 9th September 21st October      
Robin 9th September 21st October   Autumn Championship 30th September
Winter 2012/13 4th November February 2013      
Chiller 2012/13 4th November February 2013    Club Championship  Aggregate of above
    Icicle 6th January 2012