Duties of the OOD

Duties of the Officer of the Day

The club is run by the members and has no full-time staff.  To this end, we need two Officers of the Day (OODs) and a Security Officer for each Saturday and Sunday to help run the club during weekends. For regular club members this is two duties per year, for Security members this is seven.  During the month of May we give club members the chance to select their preferred duty dates for the upcoming year (1st July to 30th June), after which we randomly allocate appropriate duties to those remaining.

  • Only primary family or individual members should volunteer for two OOD duties per year.
  • Saturday and Sunday Security have seven duties per year.
  • Race Officers, Rescue, Honorary members and those exempt do not need to volunteer.
  • You should only volunteer for type of duty you have been allocated.  This is OOD if you are unsure.

We use an online system – DutyMan – to organise our duty roster. For more information see the Dutyman site:

  • Overview: N/A
  • Club Duty Roster: N/A
  • How to volunteer, confirm or swap duties: DutyMan.pdf

All Members are requested to send an email from the address they would like us to use to advise them of their OOD duty to dutyman@fishersgreensc.org.uk. Further details will be provided in due course.

  • Officers of the Day (OODs) are appointed by the Management Committee from the Membership to assist in the safe and efficient running of the Club whilst the Club is open.
  • The OOD Rota is published via DutyMan and a reminder is sent shortly before a Member’s turn comes round. Members who cannot attend should use DutyMan to arrange a swap with another member if possible.
  • Tasks that may be assigned include rendering assistance to the Safety Officer (Water), Race Officer, Galley Manager and Bar Steward as well as assisting with Site and Clubhouse management, maintenance and cleaning.  There is a whiteboard in the kitchen that has a list of suggested tasks for those on duty.
  • On arrival at the Club, OODs should sign the OOD Book and report to the Security Officer (or other Committee Member) who will assign tasks as required.
  • Unless otherwise instructed by the Security Officer, OODs should remain within the Club site boundaries while the Club is open and should not depart without notifying the Security Officer.
  • OODs perform a vital function in the efficient running of the Club and it is important that Members attend when it is their turn. This assists the Club to maintain subscriptions at an affordable level and is one of the Members’ responsibilities laid down in the Club Constitution and Rules to which you affirm when you accept or renew your Membership.

Please Note: Any family members accompanying an OOD on a duty day are welcome to assist with necessary tasks.