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The Model Boat Section members are full members of the Fishers Green Sailing Club and so have full use of the club facilities including the clubhouse.

Model boats can be operated anywhere, provided they don’t impinge on the full size sailors. In practice this means operating on the area by our ‘mini clubhouse’ and landing stages. The water is not suitable for wading but there is a rescue boat and life jackets provided on the dedicated model boating area.. There are 2 jetties and a slipway in the launching. Launching straps or frames are recommended for larger boats

Parking is next to the sailing area, and there are tables available for setting up the boats before launch

Normal model boat sailing times are 9.30am to 2pm on Sundays. The club is also open on Saturdays, and Wednesday evenings in the summer. The only requirement is that two model boating members are present, for safety reasons, to sail their models.

We like to operate all the year round, so there is no closed season in the winter – and have even been known to break the ice to operate the models. Or indeed use our models to break the ice.



Models sailed

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All types of radio controlled model boat are welcome, electric powered scale, model steam craft, fast electric boats, submarines and yachts of all sizes.

The only type of model boat not allowed are those with i/c engines.

This is a friendly club, the members are always happy to help newcomers to the hobby (combined there are many hundreds of years of experience to tap into) there will always be someone that will know the answer to your question.

Prospective members should contact one of the members listed below, as access to the site is via 2 security gates. One is gate has a combination lock and the second gate is operated by a security swipe card . You can then be met and shown around the facilities.

Membership cost: As of April 2020, membership is £60 per annum.

Visiting us? Access is via 2 security gates (one padlock, one electronic swipe card) We always welcome visitors and potential new members, but due to the security, please contact us prior to your visit so we can arrange to let you in.

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