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This is a good article on what to wear. Wetsuits and drysuits can be quite variable in their sizes so it is better to try them on rather than speculatively buy on the internet. The Welsh Harp and Wetsuit Outlet are good places to start. Decathlon also has well-priced gear – especially for kids.


All members must ensure that their boat(s) are covered by an insurance policy that includes third party liability cover up to an amount of £3,000,000.  It is advisable to tie your boat down in the Dinghy Park, as failure to do so may invalidate your policy in event of a claim. Possible providers include:


The nearest walk-in chandler is the Welsh Harp Boat Centre in West Hendon – www.welshharp.co.uk


Buying and Selling a Boat

The noticeboard inside the club may carry adverts of boats for sale. You can also ask on the club’s Facebook Social page where we have a “For Sale/Wanted” topic.