Lake with Marks

Holyfield Lake

Holyfield (aka Langridge) Lake is around 1km long and 3/4km wide.  It is fed by the River Lea at the north end (Kiora Radial Gates) and a consistent level is maintained by the weir at the south end.  The south-western area of the lake is a nature reserve formed by many small islands and sailing here is restricted.  The club-house is situated on the eastern shore.

13 buoys are permanently situated on the lake for racing and are organised anti-clockwise from 1 (by the club-house) through 12, with the addition W (west).  The primary marks are large blue buoys with the number/letter on the side, but we also use temporary marks: X (yellow), Y (orange) and Z (pink).  There are other buoys on the lake marking some of the shallows and the nature reserve. Give these buoys and the islands a couple of boat-lengths and you’ll be fine.  Please give anglers, sometimes present on the north-east shores, at least 15 meters clearance.

Mark-5.jpg Mark-Z.jpg

We share the lake with a variety of native and migratory birds. The south-western area of islands is set aside as a nature reserve and is home to birds including to a colony of Cormorants, Swans, Terns and Black-headed gulls. The lake and shores are home to Canada Geese, Greylag Geese (pictured left), Egyptian Geese, Coots, Mallards, Swans and Heron. Around the lake you might be lucky enough to see Muntjac deer and perhaps Mink.