Menagerie page


We have a wide range of boats sailed at the club, both recreationally and for racing.  There are Menagerie races on Sundays, Wednesdays during the summer and more informal racing on Saturdays.  We use a version of the RYA PY Handicap System for Menagerie racing that reflects how boats sail locally.

While the Solos have their own class start for Sunday racing, the other classes join in the menagerie (handicap) group and are first to start on Sunday. This group will typically include Phantoms, Merlins and an assortment of Wineglass, Comet, Finn, Aero, EPS, Streaker, RS400, Wayfarer and naturally the Laser/Radial.

Club members can also hire boats for recreational sailing: Toppers, Optimist (free), Laser, Laser 2000 and Wayfarer.

These are examples of single and double-handed boats sailed at the club:

Single Double
Comet Albacore
Europe Cadet (kids/youth)
Finn Fireball
Laser (youth/adult) Lark
Optimist (kids) Laser 2000
Phantom Merlin Rocket
RS Aero Miracle
Solo Mirror
Solution National 12
Streaker Pico (kids/youth)
Topper (kids/youth) RS 200
RS 400