Club Boats

Club Boats for Hire

The club has a large fleet of boats available for hire by club members. We have:

  • 4 x Lasers – Adult/Youth, with a choice of Standard, Radial or 4.7 rigs
  • 4 x Toppers – Youth/Child
  • 4 x Laser 2000 – Adult double-hander
  • 4 x Pico – Youth double-hander
  • 2 x Solo – Adult
  • 2 x Optimists – Child
  • 3 x Wayfarers – Adult double-hander
  • 1 x Merlin Rocket – Adult double-hander

Any of these boats should be available for racing as well as training on weekends.

They are an ideal pathway into club sailing until the individual feels ready to buy their own boat, rather than rush into buying the wrong class. The Laser 2000s are rigged with asymmetric spinnakers and offer a taste of sailing/racing with 3 sails in a crewed boat.

The boats are available for hire for the day.  Please ask the Security Officer or at the galley.  You will always find people willing to help if you are unsure how to rig the boats.

We also have Optimists (children) and Cadets (children/youths) available for use. Please ask for more information.

Topper – £5/day

Perfect for kids and youths.

  • Fast, light & safe hull.
  • Easily righted even by smaller crew.
  • Simple to Rig.

Topper Rigging Guide

Pico – £10/day

Perfect double-hander for kids, youths or parent+child:

  • Easy to sail with or without jib.
  • Simple to Rig.

Pico Rigging Guide

Laser – £10/day

A great single-hander that can be rigged for youths to adults.  Lasers are actively sailed at the club and are a great way to get into racing.

  • 4.7 rig – 50-55 kg. Ideal for youths and novice adults.
  • Radial rig – 55-72 kg.  Ideal for ladies, lighter men and improving adults.
  • Standard – 72kg+

Laser Rigging Guide

Laser 2000 – £15/day

The 2000 hosts a number of convenience and family-oriented features:

  • Large cockpit allows for up to four passengers, suitable for competitive or pleasure sailing
  • Configurable for single or double-handed sailing
  • Single-line hoist system for the asymmetric spinnaker
  • Furling jib allows easy storage of jib for downwind sailing and single-handed operation

Laser 2000 Rigging Manual

Wayfarer – £15/day

A very stable boat designed for two to four adults. Our boats come with either 3/4 or full main sails depending on conditions and experience.