RYA Courses

RYA Courses

Fishers Green is an RYA Training Centre!RYA Training Centre

We are pleased to be able to offer well-priced RYA training courses to both members and non-members. All non-member prices include 1 month’s free family membership of FGSC, giving full access to our beautiful sailing facilities.

In 2019 we will be offering:

 Youth sailing
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
2 days

£110 (members)

£170 (non-members)

 Adult sailing
  • Level 1 Start Sailing
  • Level 2 Basic Skills
  • Level 3 Better Sailing
2 days

£110 (members)

£170 (non-members)

  • Level 2
2 days

£200 (members)

£295 (non-members)

Please get in touch with us on training@fishersgreensc.org.uk to register interest for any of the above courses.

More course details can be found below:

Adult Dinghy

Youth Sailing Scheme

RYA Adult Training Levels RYA Youth Training Levels


  • Graham Webb – Training & Development Officer
  • Chris Gladwin – Principal
  • James Mead – Chief Sailing Instructor
  • Clive Gladwin – Chief Powerboat Instructor

Terms and Conditions*
1. 1 Months Free membership to begin on the first day of your course. 2. Whilst you are a member you must obey all by-laws of FGSC. 3. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times when on FGSC Property. 4. Family membership entitles you to bring yourself and your partner and any children you may have. 5. You may not store a boat at FGSC during your months free membership period. 6. FGSC reserves the right to terminate membership at any time. 7. You must give due notice to cancel your course to gain a refund. More details can be found on the training section of our website www.fishersgreensc.org.uk. 8. Your membership will expire at 7pm of your last day. Please ensure you have exited the electronic gate by this time as the code will no longer work. 9. You will be issued a code for the month. This code will last a month and will be personal to you. Please do not share this code with anybody. The code can be linked to individuals.