Fishers Green SC Lasers

What is a Laser?

One-design Olympic single hander

Designed by Ian Bruce and Bruce Kirby in 1969

Choice of three rigs 4.7 m2, Radial (5.7 m2) and 7.06 m2

Light hull, easily handled ashore

Low maintenance GRP construction


Lasers at Fishers Green


Just like every other sailing club in the world, there are more Laser dinghies at FGSC than any other class of boat. The Laser is a major singlehanded male Olympic Class and the Radial is currently the designated Ladies' Olympic single hander. With 50 boats in the FGSC dinghy park and one of the most competitive and friendly groups of sailors you will find anywhere, if you fancy your hand at sailing a Laser, there is no better place to start your sailing career than FGSC. Laser sailors here come in all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities from youngsters graduating from Toppers and Oppis to helms with many years' experience. Whatever your age, experience or gender, you will find the Laser fleet at Fishers Green to be not only welcoming but generous with advice and guidance to any newcomer. The Club has a Laser with all three rigs available for hire to Members at nominal cost. Fishers Green has held an annual Laser Open Meeting for many years, and this event is an established part of the Laser UK inland racing circuit.


Key Figures

  • Ideal crew weight: < 95kg (15 stones)
  • Portsmouth Yardstick handicap: 1078
  • Hull weight: 59 kg